Simple Rosemary Hummus Recipe


Honestly the first time I made this I almost ate the entire bowl with a spoon! It was that good. Slow living simplifies but also takes a little more time. That’s why I love this recipe it’s fast and so tasty. Since the weather has been so incredible lately, I wanted something that I could just whip up without turning on an oven or the stove. My whole family loves this and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

1 can Garbanzo beans*

1/2 cup Olive Oil*

1 tablespoons dried rosemary*

A pinch of salt*

A pinch of black pepper*

Drain garbanzo beans. Add olive oil, spices then garbanzo beans to a blender and blend until creamy. That’s it! *organic 

Below is a healthy snack from it’s a great way to use that fresh hummus. 


Slice cucumber into quarter inch thick pieces. Spread  hummus on one half then add smoked turkey and cover with another piece of cucumber. This is such a quick healthy snack and it’s a great way to add some veggies into your day!



Leap Year Post

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