Leap Year Post

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A’s top: Organic cotton (sold out) leggings: Zara R’s Hat and leggings: Hanna Anderson  R’s tshirt and sweatshirt: Organic cotton (sold out)


Thanks for checking out my blog.  My daughter is princess A, she loves dresses, makeup, dancing and life in general. Happiest girl I’ve ever met.  My husband is J. He’s humble, mild and really into sports.  My son is R. He’s handsome, loves fruit and the outdoors. Me, I’m M yep first letter in MAJoR.  I enjoy fashion, food and being creative. I’m not a model or English major so expect mistakes. Since my daughter was born, I’ve slowly researched more and more organic approaches to food and clothing. This blog is about the creativity and concept.  It’s also a secret. My husband knows I’ve started a blog buuuut he doesn’t know details. Hehe! I hope this blog inspires you!